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Politics & Poetics is a new peer-reviewed journal of the humanities with a focus on philosophy. As a journal of humane philosophy, P&P seeks to contribute to a reconciliation of political and literary discourses and to offer a forum for discussion for the human person as both a political and a literary animal.  


P&P invites high-quality submissions that engage with questions of interest both to readers specialising in the relevant field and to a wider academic audience. Authors should note the call for papers which indicates the theme of the forthcoming volume of P&P. 

ISSN:  2543-666X



Editorial Advisory Board


Teresa Bejan - Associate Professor of Political Theory, University of Oxford and Fellow of Oriel College

Emma Cohen de Lara - Lecturer in Political Theory, Amsterdam University College

Richard Ekins -Tutorial Fellow in Law at St Johns College, Oxford

Andreas Kinneging - Professor of Legal Philosophy, University of Leiden

Agnieszka Kolakowska -  Writer, translator and journalist (Polish & English); background in philosophy, classics and linguistics

Peter Augustine Lawler (†) - Dana Professor of Government, Berry College

Grahame Lock (†)  - Faculty Fellow in European Philosophy and Fellow of Queens College, Oxford, Professor of Political Theory and Philosophy at Radboud (Nijmegen) and Leiden Universities, the Netherlands

Patrick Martin -  Campanile Professor of Law, emeritus, Law Center, LSU

Roger Scruton - Philosopher and writer, England

Alexander Stoddart - Her Majesty's Sculptor in Ordinary in Scotland

Boudewijn Sirks - Professor of Civil Law, emeritus, All Souls College, University of Oxford



Editorial staff


Editor: Jonathan Price

Deputy Editor: Louise Parker

Managing Editor: Matthew Collier 

Editor for Aesthetics: Samuel Hughes

Editor for Analytic Philosophy: Ralph Weir

Editor for Axiology: Mikołaj Sławkowski-Rode

Editor for Classics: Brian Lapsa

Editor for Economics: Agnieszka Wincewicz-Price

Editors for Ethics: August Ludwigs 

Editor for Law: Louise Parker

Editor for Poetry: James Matthew Wilson 

Editor for Political Theory: Nathan Pinkoski

Editor for Theology: John Ritzema

Copy Editor: Sarah Elizabeth Gianakon


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