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Politics & Poetics is a peer-reviewed journal of the humanities that provides a forum for the rigorous, reasoned examination of politics and culture. By cultivating critical inquiry and constructive dialogue across academic disciplines and the history of thought, the journal aims to advance a fuller, clearer, and more integrated understanding of who we are and where we are headed.

For enquiries please contact us here

Calls for Papers

For submissions please see our call for papers here

Articles from our current issue

Rémi Brague, “My Humble Self”

el Piccolo, “Modern Constitutionalism, Treaty Federalism, Indigenous Peoples and the Problem of Envy”

Rebecca McCumbers Flavin, “Machiavelli, Envy, and the Corrupt Republic”

Mark Philp & Connor Grubaugh, “The Passions, Real Politics, and the Practice of Political Theory: An Interview with Mark Philp”

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