Politics & Poetics, CfP - 'Compassion and Community'

Compassion is a virtue whose political presence few would oppose in principle. However, when it comes to the exercise of compassion in the political community, a number of philosophical problems arise, at least some of which appear to be absent at the personal level. For example, does it make sense to speak of institutions such as political parties and businesses, or the political community itself, as being compassionate? If so, what would a compassionate polis look like? Furthermore, is the most compassionate political community also the best or most desirable? Is compassion a political virtue after all?

The journal requests articles that discuss these and related questions. Compassion may be construed broadly to cover other concepts such as agape, brotherly love, empathy, sympathy, public spiritedness, altruism and enthusiasm for the good of others.

This edition of Politics & Poetics will be guest edited by the Dalai Lama Centre for Compassion, Oxford. For more information please visit http://www.compassionoxford.org.

Politics & Poetics seeks articles that engage with questions of interest both to readers specialising in the relevant field and to a wider academic audience.

Subjects which authors may wish to focus on include:

  • The concept of compassion in Western and other traditions

  • The relation of compassion to other virtues

  • Comparative virtue ethics, e.g. public versus private

  • Compassionate governance

  • The ontological relationships between persons and communities

  • The moral relationships between the state / polis and individual(s)

  • The limits of compassion and its proximate enemies, e.g. sentimentality, condescension

  • The origins of compassion

Information for Authors

Articles should be submitted as an email attachment in rich text format to:j.d.price@law.leidenuniv.nl

We shall accept submissions until early 2017, or until we receive sufficient high quality material (whichever comes first). Publication will be on a rolling basis, as articles clear peer review, beginning October 15th, 2016.

Previously published articles and articles under consideration for publication elsewhere will not be considered for publication in Politics & Poetics. All articles are subjected to blind peer-review, and should be formatted accordingly: the submitted article itself should not indicate the identity of the author, and a separate cover sheet should be provided stating the author’s name and affiliation (if any). The author may include a CV, but this is not required. Submissions should also include an article abstract of about 200 words. Articles should be between 2000 and 8000 words in length, including footnotes. For longer submissions, seek editorial approval first. Footnotes should be numbered sequentially throughout the article. Font size should be 12, in a serif font. It is not necessary for manuscripts to conform strictly to our style guidelines on initial submission (full style sheet available upon request). However, the author must ensure that articles meet these standards prior to publication. The editors aim to inform authors of publication decisions within two months of reception.