Politics & Poetics, Volume I: Tragedy

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ISSN: 2543-666X

Table of Contents


Editorial Essay


Roger Scruton, 'Is tragedy still relevant to the polis?'

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Paul M. Dowling, 'England's Re-formation in King Henry VIII'

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Patrick Martin, 'The Measure of Justice: Isabella’s Recusancy and Two Royal Couples'

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Martin Thibodeau, 'Hegel on Intention, Action, and Tragedy'

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Nikolas Prassas, 'Beauty and Theoria in Ruskin's Modern Painters'

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Mikołaj Sławkowski-Rode, 'The Place of Tragedy within Christianity'

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Review Article

Agata Łukomska, 'A Bothersome Man? - Bernard Williams’s legacy as an intellectual instigator persists'

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Book Reviews

Ralph Weir, Review: Raymond Barfield, The Ancient Quarrel between Philosophy and Poetry

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Andrew Bibby, Review: Michael Trimble, Why Humans Like to Cry: Tragedy, Evolution, and the Brain

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Cover image: sculpture of John Locke from the Dallas Column by Alexander Stoddart, Paisley, Scotland, UK. Artist's website.

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