P&P's BOWS Prize in Palatable Philosophy

for students and young scholars

2015-2016 academic year prize


The prize

500 GBP (or 300 GBP and 200 GBP if the first and second place entries are of sufficient quality)

Potential publication in a future edition of P&P, if submitted for peer-review (please indicate this when applying). 


Prize question

Question. 'Can compassion be a public virtue?' See full call for papers for greater description of the volume's theme. Call for Papers (click on the 'Compassion and Community' link). Length should be that of a normal journal article, as outlined in the CFP. 


Who is eligible?

Current or former students and any scholars or academics under the age of 30 at time of submission. Please include your birthdate in application email. A bief CV should be included, but it need not be more than one page. All emphasis will be placed on the quality of the article. 



All submissions should be sent to j.d.price@law.leidenuniv.nl by March 15th, 2016. 


General Prize Information

The Blackfriars Oxford Wine Society or BOWS is an independent association that meets twice a term at Blackfriars, Oxford. 


Among the founders, all of whom had had academic formation in philosophy, there was a sense that much of so-called 'academic philosophy' had lost touch of the humane and scholarly concerns that had historically animated the best philosophy. Even the limited subjects that were considered appropriate to philosophy had gotten further curtailed to a few pet issues and a handful of extended conversations among the initiated. It had become unpalatable to any but the most specialized, and uninteresting to the most humane. 

To encourage a generational change one scholar at a time, the Blackfriars Oxford Wine Society has generously endowed an annual prize for the best submission to P&P, in order to further its members’ aspiration to support rigorous, original and humanistic work in philosophy. 


With the advice of the editors of P&P, BOWS gave its first prize in the 2014-2015 academic year to Nikolas Prassas, whose article, 'Beauty and Theoria in Ruskin's Modern Painters' , was subsequently passed through peer review, and is now featured in the inaugural edition of P&P.  Full Article PDF

Mr Prassas was reading for a master’s degree at the University of Oxford at the time of the prize’s award.  A cash award of 200 GBP was conferred.